Sub-Committees & Special Interest Groups

The following sub-committees are being formed (Please contact for self-nomination):

  • Executive
  • Planning
  • Standards
  • Public Relations
  • Member Services
  • Awards
  • Publications
  • Education & Training

Members are welcome to join the following (tentative) special interest groups (SIGs, Contact

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Ontological Engineering
  • Logical Foundations
  • Semantic Description Languages
  • Semantic Integration
  • Speech Understanding
  • Semantic Web
  • Visual Semantics
  • Semantic Multimedia
  • Semantic User Interface
  • Semantic Software Engineering
  • Semantic Security
  • Semantic Web Services
  • Search Engines
  • Question Answering
  • Context-aware Networks of Sensors, Devices and Applications
  • Semantic GIS Systems
  • Semantic Biomedicine
  • Other Semantic Applications

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